Friday, February 11, 2011

Degrassi: In Too Deep - When Love Takes over

Okay Everybody, it is 2AM, I have just finished watching that episode of Degrassi, and I have finally seen more of my future wife, Samantha Munro(Who plays Anya Macpherson on the show).
She's beautiful, ain't she?

So, I'm going to provide a Synopsis of these plots separately

Plot A: Fiona's Drinking

Fiona has been drinking again, and has been drinking very heavily ever since her episode at the end of  "In Too Deep" now, she has been drinking at home, when she's with Adam, and even at school. After a little makeout session the night before Fiona  tells Adam that she made a mistake and that last night "Didn't happen". So Adam runs off to discuss this with Eli, whom basically tells Adam that her drinking makes her do admit things she wouldn't sober. Adam gets a new hope for Fiona, and he gos back over her apartment. during which, He and Fiona have yet ANOTHER make-out session, but this time Fiona is plastered. Later at school Adam invites the alcoholic to the couples picnic at lunch. what ends up happening is Fiona's drunk ass shows up, hits on Claire, and has to be escorted out by Adam. Fiona then reveals that she drinks because it "Makes it easier to be with him." Adam then goes off and leaves a regretful Fiona on the bench. The next scene, we see Adam talking to Eli and Claire, which is a couple that Adam wants to mimic. Fiona pops in in, and says that she is "Falling in love with you" to Adam. Adam and Fiona have a moment and all is well...until Holly J tells Adam that she's planning an intervention for Fiona. Adam runs and tells Fiona that they are going on a trip, and Fiona heads home with Adam. Adam returns to Fiona's apartment after packing and finds her passed out on the couch with a glass of wine and a the bottle next to the couch she's sprawled out on. Fiona wakes up and Adam figures enough is enough. he calls up Holly J and tells her he wants to help. Fiona and Adam Walk out of a Cab and walk to some building. This building is where the intervention takes place, but Fiona Doesn't know. After seeing her family, Fiona tells Adam she never wants to see him again. And the story ends on that note

Plot B: Anya and Her Resident Doctor fantasy - I'll do this one later guys, i am sleepy, and it's 3AM when i finished. have a good night, and more in the PM!

Vidya United, my Video Game streaming site!

Hello everyone who may be reading this, in case you haven't already known, I have a Stream site, which has been active (More or less) since October 21st.

It may not be much, but it definitely is my pride and joy. I stream there consistently, along with our other 12+ streamers. We are usually up and running, but we do have downtime, as everybody has school, work, exams, and other thing that they need to do.

We will stream whatever you ask us to stream, and if you want to stream the process is fairly simple. All it takes is to Send an E-mail containing certain information that can be found on the site. Once I receive an application, I will review it, and will respond accordingly.

We also have a small little gaming group, we all hang around most of the time and play with each other, from Killing Floor, to League of Legends, to Random online games, and even more. hopefully you can join us too, we LOVE having new members :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awesome Game cover artist

This guy is really good. i enjoy all of his Covers, especially his Megaman 2 Cover

and his double dragon Cover (which i believe is his best) there's his youtube channel, he has many more great covers, definitly check him out!

Props to you bro, you are an awesome musician, and I hope you continue making good progress with your music!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NoteSlate, The Tablet that does what a tablet is supposed to do.

NoteSlate, The Tablet that does what a tablet is supposed to do.

Okay, I’m not going to take any credit for this find. My friend, and streamer, Chris, showed this to me last night and so far it seems like something I would waste money on. And I would use it too.
What I’m talking about is the Noteslate, a new tablet that’s due out in June, and has its gimmick of being a simple tablet. That’s what I like about it. It’s a tablet that you draw on electronically on, plays MP3s (As every mobile device should do nowadays) and you can transfer your doodles, your notes, or whatever the heck you do on it over to your machine for further editing.  The real draw for me happens to be not only how simple it is, but the colors. Seriously. Look how awesome that is.

And all for, wait for it, 99USD! For me, I will consider buying it after the Second Generation, which will have PDF viewing, and hopefully a good userbase to develop Firmwares to do who knows what with it. For more information, go to

And if anyone would like to donate me one Tell me how they like it, or if it’s a must buy, please leave a comment!

Inspirational Quote of the Day 2/9

Good morning everybody, ill keep this one short because I have a LONG day ahead, but lets do it!

If you have a question, ask it. Asking questions never hurt.

Confidence is a major turn on for anybody, and is also important for use in the real world. Confidence in your work means that other will have the same confidence in it also. Don't say it's "Not my best work" even if it isn't. just do it, and it will turn out great, just make sure you put time and effort into everything you do. This way you have a reason to be confident about things!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspirational Quote of the Day 2/8

It's not what you think you can do, it's what you know you can do, and knowing what you can't do, and striving to be above that.

Yesterday during lacrosse practice, I hadn't run since maybe late November. I was out of shape. I really thought that i was going to be a person who fell behind the pact whilst running. But I never said I wouldn't do my best ot be up there. I approached the hallway we were running on, looked down it, and made an effort to keep up with out conditioning coach, Coach Mal. Turns out, i kept up with him and finished my laps with everyone. I was breathing hard though, and boy my side was hurting. But it felt good.

Later in the practice, we hit the weight room. Now, this is one thing I hate about the weight room is that, Hell, I never lift weights. Why? I never got into it. I would always end up hurting myself, instead of feelign good after the work out. So beginning of October, everyone is surprised I'm as weak and slow as the worst conditioned person on the team. So i decided to try my best in practice and in the weight room. Around late november i see results, I get more defined, I'm stronger than ever, and feeling even better about myself. Today i was worried. I don't lift a lot. But when I did today, I knocked everything out. 40 sit ups, 4 sets of 8 reps for 225 Deadlift, 110 T-bar, 70 Supermans, and 45 Squats with a dumbell. This is a good accomplishment for me, and im glad I could do it. So again:

It's not what you think you can do, it's what you know you can do, and knowing what you can't do, and striving to be above that.